As Surrey and the rest of BC feels the reality of an aging population, cracks are beginning to appear in the current care model in place for the communities’ elderly. There is no question that securing quality accommodations is increasingly difficult, but what is most discerning is what is happening to couples that require varying levels of care. 


An elderly husband and wife consoling themselves over the loss of a loved one.

The Reality for Many Surrey Couples

Imagine yourself in a situation where daily care is a pressing issue. You and your spouse have reached a juncture in time where your medical requirements outweigh your personal needs, and the time has come to seek additional care and support. You and your partner carefully weigh the options for the present and future of your lives together, and then reality hits. The available services for your varying needs leave you in a vulnerable situation.

Currently the resources and options available are limited. Independent living, assisted living and acute/complex care are variants that separate and divide the elderly. Although peers and partners in life, these classifications prevent loved ones from riding out their end of days with those they have grown to be interdependent with and reliant on.


Medical services and those who provide them are invaluable to longevity, but what about the emotional connections that define and enrich our lives, do they not deserve a place in elderly care? 

A new model and consideration needs to form to continue to aide elderly medicine and care advances. It is imperative that we begin to consider the significance and importance of interpersonal relationships, and use them to comfort and support our aging population.


What’s is Next for Surrey’s Seniors?

Tinnovationvillage2he WestStone Group is a local developer that has been heavily involved with the growth and development of the City of Surrey for over two decades. They have a vested interest in the area, and are heavily involved with local governments and business improvement associations. After much consideration and thought, Innovation Village began to take shape, a unique senior focused project for the largest developer this side of the Fraser.


Group of old people walking outdoor. happy group of old friendsThe Face of Change

The WestStone Groups’s Vice President, Robert Dominick has answered the call for senior care reform, securing 5.1 acres of land adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital. This location is to be home to Innovation Village, a new care model that could change the face of care for Surrey’s elderly. This integrated lifestyle development combining state-of-the-art all level senior care in a beautiful natural urban forest setting will allow couples of varying needs age together. The thought and vision of this innovative project will set the standard for future senior care facilities in the area.

The Future Lives Here

Surrey is one of the most innovative areas of the province, boasting the title of one of the world’s smartest cities and dedicated to medical health and science technologies. Surely with health and science at the forefront of political minds change can be a reality for Surrey seniors. With the development of Innovation Village a new care model for today’s elderly could immerge and change the face of care of senior living and care.

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