Traditional building today is chaotic and outdated. Modusteel is a new company taking construction sites and moving them into an environmentally friendly factory which helps solve many problems in the industry. It’s no longer construction, it’s the merging of assembly line precision with a revolution of structural design to create safer, less wasteful, more affordable, faster and easier to build workplaces and homes for our communities.

Each structural steel component is precision fabricated to every individual customer’s building specifications and is certified regarding compliance with all Canadian and provincial building codes and CSA standards. These pieces then can be used to build quickly and efficiently, in a way that is new and exciting.

Some of the highlights of Modusteel’s technology include:

Material Saving

Steel consumption for a 36-storey building is only about 78 kg/sqm. Our manufacturing methodology results in about 95% of the building being created in a clean, environmentally controlled and precision engineered factory environment.

This in turn enables construction sites to be extremely environmentally friendly with virtually no on-site waste (1% compared to 30%).

Factory Fabrication

Interior and exterior walls are all precision engineered to a pre-finishing stage in the manufacturing plant.

Insulation and embedded mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements are all pre-finished to Canadian building code and CSA standards. Again, this means elimination of the majority of on-site waste.

Each floorplate can then be delivered to the construction site in a 95% finished condition.

Building Qualities

Every structural steel building has exceptional seismic reliability and is tested to withstand a 9.0 earthquake.

Our steel is hot dipped or double cold galvanized. Vermiculite fireproofing and fireproof board affords over 3-hours of fire resistance.

Our structures have excellent acoustical and thermal insulation properties.

Effective Construction

Our on-site construction is approximately 80% faster than conventional building methods yet the precision of finished product is much higher than cast-in-place concrete.

A 36-storey high-rise could theoretically be structurally erected in 12-days. In reality we can achieve a floor a day compared to cast-in-place concrete at one floor a week.

Structural steel is the answer to construction in sub-zero winter locations. Below grade concrete work in the summer and easy structural steel construction in the winter equals immense time and cost savings.

A further advantage is structural steel’s sustainability. At the end of its functional lifespan the majority of the building can be disassembled and recycled.