Dubai is home to many feats in construction and design. Home to many wonders such as the world’s largest man-mad island, the largest shopping mall and tallest building, it makes sense it may be the first to build a Dynamic Tower. The hope is that by 2020, the first rotating skyscraper will grace Dubai.

An New Beginning for Architecture and Design

Dynamic Architecture is looking to change the skylines in some of the world greatest cities. Dynamic Architecture has had proposed projects in Paris, London, New York and Moscow, but none of them got off the ground. Dr. David Fisher is an architect with incredible vision and skill. He graduated with honours at the School of Architecture in Florence, but cannot be labelled as an architect in the traditional sense.

High-Tech Features in The Dynamic Tower

The high-tech design will feature voice-activated technology that enables residents to spin their apartment with voice commands. Solar panels and wind turbines will provide the energy for the tower. Another feature is an elevator built inside the central cement core that residents can use to transport and park their cars beside their unit!

Dr. Fisher has throughout his career always focused on two concepts: Dynamic Architecture and an industrial approach using prefabricated units. With these, traditional three-dimensional design moves into a fourth dimension of time. The Dynamic Tower will move architecture into a new era.