Siebenga & King Law Offices is one of the major real estate conveyance firms in the lower mainland in British Columbia, and have helped complete 10,000 real estate deals. The firm has four locations to conveniently serve clients, but does much more than real estate law. Over the years David Siebenga has been, and continues to be involved with international dealings, financing and numerous other exciting projects. We have put together a short list of some of David’s past work.

David Siebenga provides legal oversight of a USCIS Regional Center 110,000,000 resort facility (2011 – 2015)-

Acting for a Canadian funder, David Siebenga was engaged to review and oversee a USA based industrial manufacturer’s immigration model and sales solution for equity investment capital by its use of a USCIS Regional Center application. David J. Siebenga reviewed and provided input and advice to client on the supporting marketing strategy in China and India to support the $110,000,000 investment.

David Siebenga – Engaged to oversee a 15 million dollar construction facility (1988 – 1989)

David Siebenga was engaged to provide legal overview on various upscale projects and holding properties for a European Pension fund with 355 billion of investable funds.

David Siebenga – Tax Strategist for the deployment and extraction of funds from North America

David Siebenga coordinated legal advice for a large Asian land developer for the construction of a 4, thirty storey land development project located in Burnaby, British Columbia.  David J. Siebenga was responsible to coordinate the overall development and strategic plan for the project, negotiating the land acquisition, budget proforma development and presentation, retaining accounting specialists and to develop an international tax efficient financing program to permit the injection of capital funds into Canada to capitalize the project and thereafter the withdrawal of those funds from Canada in a tax minimized fashion.

Engaged to provide consulting services and administration of 1.1 billion dollars escrow funds flow

David Siebenga assisted clients in developing relationships and administration for various clients have net worth of over 10 billion dollars in net worth and assisting in the investment and escrow fundings of over 1 billion dollars.

Engagements for Medical Products regulatory compliance and marketing of FDA medical technology into Europe and Asian sector

David Siebenga was engaged to obtain certification of a USA medical device to comply with Canada, European and Indian regulations. Upon approval, David Siebenga was researched out a legal compliance regime for marketing the rights into Europe.  He was commissioned to present at Dusseldorf Media, the largest medical trade show on earth and procure contracts for distribution.  Also established and conducted procurement activities for pharmaceutical firms and establishing procedures therefor as well as overall guidance for GMP, GLP and GPP processes in Canada and the USA.

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