David Siebenga, B.Comm, LLB

Lawyer David Siebenga obtained a B.Comm degree with awards in marketing, a law degree and now is a lawyers specializing in business syndications and development. Operating in Siebenga & King Law Offices and has handled over one billion dollars per year in trust volume. David has coordinated over 35 complex multinational transactions to date. David Siebenga is seen by his clients as pragmatic, adept at understanding multicultural systems and capable of marshalling ideas into legal reality.

David Siebenga’s Experience Profile:

David Siebenga has Four Locations to Serve Clients

David believes that his success is built on the satisfaction of those he serves. Call 604-592-3550 to arrange a meeting with David Siebenga , or fill out an online form with your questions and/or inquiries.