AARTHA AMERICA: Building Global Commerce

The Aartha America Group is an organization David Siebenga is involved with that is dedicated to the advancement of international commerce. Using new technologies and progressive business practices, The Aartha Group is able to accomplish a wide variety of endeavors, and deliver unparalleled results across many sectors of business. The organization measures its success by the success and satisfaction of those they serve.

With representation throughout North America, Europe, and India, The Aartha Group has a strong ability to grow trading relations across multiple markets, with both public and private entities. At any capacity, The Aartha America group is fully capable of expanding your organization across international borders, and enabling your company to grow from where it is now, to where you envision it can be.



David Siebenga offers expert guidance through the legal, contractual, and financial logistics of international business and real estate development. AARTHA America

The Foundation of AARTHA America and It’s Leaders

Since its inception in 2007, The Aartha America Group has strived to find the most sustainable, successful, and unique opportunities located around the globe. David Siebenga is a part of a leadership team that is not only skilled, but also experienced in various sectors, the Aartha group has been able to diversify in to many segments of the global market.

As the population grows, technology has been able to create bridges between borders. This global organization steps offline to personally evaluate opportunities, and assist clients in reaching their targeted goals.

David Siebenga is only one part of this skilled and diverse leadership team. Visit them online to learn more about the technology, immigration, real estate and consulting services AARTHA America offers those seeking their expertise. You can also learn more about the work David does in BC, by visiting Siebenga & King online.