While Canadian’s celebrated their nation in a show of patriotic pride over the weekend, our American neighbours prepared for their own parties and expressions of national pride. Today marks Independence Day in the US, and citizens across the country are coming together to celebrate America’s 240th year as an independent nation. Both countries are graced with the presence of eagles. The United States uses the bald eagle as a national symbol of strength and freedom.

Rise Above the Storm and Soar Like an Eagle

The eagle is the only bird that flies above the storm. While all other species of bird seek shelter in trees and dry places, the eagle soars high in the sky above the storm clouds and lightening.

Facebook user Trevor Donovan gives us a look into the flight of an eagle on a clear day, view the video here.

The Symbolism of Eagles Worldwide

The bird is also symbolic to Native Americans as the Abenaki solar deity ‘Kisosen’ which translates to ‘Sun-Bringer’. The god was portrayed as an eagle who upon opening its wings created the day. When the deity flapped its powerful wings wind followed. Beyond North America the bird has been an important symbol to many including the Aztecs, Egyptians and Romans.

The Eagles Role in Religion

It is no wonder that the highest flying bird has always inspired strength and freedom. Religions have placed the bird in high regard for centuries. Mentioned in the book of Revelations, Christianity believes place eagles on the side of God, and in early Christianity was a symbol of hope and strength, representing salvation.

Strength and Grace: The Power of the Predator

With eyesight up to eight times sharper than a human the large bird is a efficient hunter, and conserves energy through observation. It is believed that the talons of the great creature represent its need for the earth and connection to land, where its strong, hooked beak is symbolic to know, how when and what to speak. During migration these birds can travel up to 500 miles a day, and with its large wingspan and low weight flies with purpose and grace.

As challenges come into our lives and effect our freedoms it is important to reflect thoughtful, and act with grace and purpose. I invited you all to channel the strength of the eagle as we move forward on this beautiful continent we call home.